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High-impact sectors

With Goodwell’s latest fund, we’re allocating of quarter of our overall investments to companies working in other high-impact sectors like energy, education, healthcare, and female-led businesses. We’re also looking at industries like recycling and waste management. As with our other focus areas, all these sectors play prominent roles in delivering a higher quality of life. Their impact extends far beyond the initial goods and services they deliver: once the essentials are accounted for, people have more space to focus on education, employment, and overall well-being.


Portfolio companies working in other high-impact sectors

Developing reliable energy sources

The energy infrastructure of sub-Saharan Africa is already struggling to keep up with demand from businesses and households, and the region’s population is growing fast. To secure a better future, people need reliable access to affordable energy sources. We invest in companies creating scalable solutions, and in those leading the transition to more sustainable energy sources.

Expanding access to education

Education is vital for building an inclusive economy, but many of Africa’s public schools are short on teachers, funding and resources. To improve access to quality education, Goodwell explores tech-driven solutions suitable for poorly equipped schools with limited budgets. We also invest in ongoing teacher training, improving the continent’s overall quality of education.

Making healthcare more accessible

Expanding accessibility to quality healthcare is much needed and has massive impact potential. Africa’s private healthcare sector is increasingly stepping up to fill gaps in national healthcare systems across the continent. Goodwell is interested in companies using technological innovations to increase access to care and improve medical outcomes, all while reducing out-of-pocket costs.

Investing in female entrepreneurs

Women are a major entrepreneurial force in Africa, but often struggle to access the financing necessary to grow their businesses. We’re actively pursuing investment opportunities in female-led businesses with financial instruments and processes tailored to their specific needs. Goodwell’s goal is to equip women with the tools they need to become successful business owners, reducing income inequality.

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