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Food and Agriculture

Agriculture is a major driver of growth in Africa, accounting for almost a quarter of national GDPs and employing over half the population. But this sector is facing huge pressure from a growing population, climate change and biodiversity loss. To respond to these challenges, Africa’s agricultural system needs to develop inclusively, sustainably, and rapidly. The sector’s evolution is crucial for the continent’s future, and it has serious potential – it just needs the right support. Goodwell harnesses that potential by investing in companies that strengthen the overall food system, support farmers, and increase production while respecting the environment.

Portfolio companies working in food and agriculture

Increasing food security

Even though the majority of the region’s labour force works in agriculture, Africa still imports more food than it produces. We envision a future where Africa supports its own needs with high-quality, affordable food. Goodwell understands that increased productivity will help, but reducing inequality and poverty are at the core of improving Africa’s food security.

Reducing food waste

Much of Africa’s food waste occurs before it ever reaches consumers. Annual post-harvest losses could feed well over 45 million people; Goodwell wants to decrease this food waste by supporting innovative improvements within the supply chain. For example, we invest in local processing, ensuring more high-quality food makes it onto consumers’ plates.

Improving farmer livelihoods

Smallholder farmers are the backbone of the African economy, comprising 80% of the population and producing the vast majority of food on the continent. Goodwell invests in improvements that will better farmers’ lives and incomes, from infrastructure advancements and higher quality inputs to fairer crop prices and broader market access.

Promoting sustainable growth

As the global population continues to grow, food production must grow with it – in a planet-friendly way. We believe it shouldn’t cost the Earth to enjoy its abundance. Goodwell supports technological innovations that increase productivity and improve access to nutritious food in sustainable ways, preventing further damage to – or even improving – our planet’s resources.

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