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Transforming agriculture with EA Foods

Tanzania-based EA Foods is revolutionising the agricultural value chain in sub-Saharan Africa. The company reduces post-harvest losses by directly sourcing from smallholder farmers and utilizing cold chain logistics for swift delivery to local markets. This approach enhances market access and economic opportunities while promoting sustainable food systems. 


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Boosting smallholder incomes with stronger supply chains

More than 40% of the fresh fruits and vegetables produced in Tanzania never make it to consumers –lack of formal market connections means crops often spoil before they are sold. EA Foods is transforming the agricultural value chain and eliminating post-harvest losses by aggregating produce from smallholder farmers nationwide and delivering it directly to urban retailers. Their approach ensures higher incomes and more stable livelihoods for smallholder farmers.

Why Goodwell invested

EA Foodsbusiness model aligns with Goodwell’s agricultural investment strategy, which focuses on increasing production while reducing post-harvest losses. By improving distribution infrastructure, EA Foods ensures more produce from smallholder farmers reaches consumers. The company also enhances farmers’ capabilities, crop quality and yields with targeted training programs. These combined efforts increase incomes and provide predictable cash flows to farmers and vendors, expanding their access to formal financial services. 

Recent achievements and future ambitions

Over the past decade, EA Foods has successfully reduced food waste, removed barriers to market access, and improved financial stability for thousands of smallholder farmers in Tanzania. These achievements underscore the company’s commitment to driving positive change and sustainability in the region. In 2022, EA Foods won the African Business Heroes competition, highlighting their entrepreneurial spirit, leadership, and positive impact on Africa.  

Transforming Agriculture in Tanzania: Interview with CEO of East Africa Foods

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“Our solution is enabling [farmers] to provide good agricultural practices and tools that will enable them to grow, double their income and double their yield… ultimately get access to the market, where we are doing the whole value chain from the farmers to the retailers.” 

Elia Timotheo, Founder & CEO, EA Foods

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