| 02-10-2018

Preqin recognizes Goodwell as one of most consistent VC managers

We are proud to report that Preqin, the leading asset and data intelligence specialist for the alternative assets industry, has included Goodwell in its 19-strong list of ‘most consistent performing venture capital managers.’

Goodwell enters the list based on the performance of its three funds, two of which Preqin places in the top quartile and one in the second quartile for an average quartile ranking of 1.33. This puts Goodwell in the top half of the high-performance list, which features 19 managers, many of whom are well known global firms in the industry. Uniquely, Goodwell is the only firm on the list to focus on early stage investing in emerging markets.

“This is excellent news,”said Wim van der Beek, Founder and Managing Partner of Goodwell Investments. “This listing by Preqin confirms our faith in investing in fast growing businesses in emerging markets to generate both consistent returns and a significant impact. At a time when the emerging markets private equity industry has been hit by bad news, it is good news that an early stage emerging markets firm like ours can consistently outperform many of its peers in developed markets. Preqin is used by the investment and investor community as a resource for track record and reference, so we are delighted with this listing.”

The list appears in the September 2018 issue of the Preqin Private Equity and Venture Capital Spotlight, and is based on research into 89 firms offering 443 funds that fulfil the Preqin selection criteria. The figures are derived from data in the recently released 2018 Preqin Alternative Assets Performance Monitor. This shows which venture capital fund managers have performed consistently well over recent years. Preqin generates quartile rankings for individual funds according to their investment strategy, geography and vintage. Each fund universe constitutes funds with similar fund types, geographies and vintage years.

Consistent performance with local partners

“We see this listing as recognition of our consistent performance across our funds in India and Sub Saharan Africa over more than 10 years,”said Wim van der Beek. “This consistent performance, confirmed by Preqin’s sector experts, is not a coincidence. We have been consistently applying a disciplined hands-on investment approach. We do this in a collaborative model with our long standing local partners Alitheia Capital in Nigeria, JCS Investments in Ghana and Aavishkaar in India, who share in this recognition. In this way wehave built up a balanced portfolio of highly successful and scalable early stage companies across two continents.

We are excited to be the only investment firm on the list with an impact focus. This underlines the validity of our investment thesis and our current focus on the inclusive economy in Sub Saharan Africa. We have already seen our first Africa fund achieving better results than our first India fund, demonstrating that high impact and high returns can go hand in hand across different continents. It also provides us with another persuasive argument for investing in our Africa focused uMunthu fund, for which we are currently raising funds.”

For Preqin reference check this link.