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Goodwell’s Gender Equality Statement

Our vision   

Goodwell Investments recognises that in our drive to fuel the growth of inclusive businesses in Africa, we must remain focused on empowering and promoting equality for all un(der)served communities. In doing so, Goodwell is committed to reducing systemic gender bias and advancing gender inclusion within our investment process and wider organisation, as well as our portfolio companies and their value chains.  


Gender inclusion is imperative for poverty reduction and long-term sustainable development. It is integral to inclusive growth. Through an intentional focus on gender inclusion in our portfolio companies, Goodwell can more effectively promote inclusivity and reduce risk while delivering favourable social and financial outcomes to all stakeholders.  


Goodwell’s commitment to gender inclusion encompasses our current and future portfolio companies, our investment process, and our internal organisation. In 2022 we aim to launch a new fund with an explicit focus on investing through a gender lens. We will also continue to iterate on our investment process in order to make each step more equitable for marginalised groups. We commit to further promoting gender inclusion within our portfolio companies and seek to broaden our understanding of the unique needs of marginalised entrepreneurs in Africa.